<DontLaughAtMyGiraffe> [A] (formerly Ice Cream Citadel on Korgath) is always recruiting to give ourselves the best chances at success. We are a relatively new guild (formed two weeks prior to BRF) with an experienced officer core. In our first tier together as a guild we managed to kill Mythic Blackhand while still relevant(US#175) and with a full tier under our belts proceeded to kill Mythic Archimonde Pre-ilvl buff (US#65). We look to continue with this momentum going into Legion.

Our raid hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5pm-8pm ST (8pm-11pm EST). We have a relatively light raiding schedule at 9 hours a week, which we believe makes Mythic raiding very manageable. However, we approach raiding with a serious mentality and expect all our members to be well-prepared for our raids.


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What we expect out of our members:

1. Raid attendance: 80%+, meaning missing 2 days a month on average (we know and understand that emergencies happen.)
2. Have a thick skin: We don’t yell much but if you get offended by mild language or jokes this isn’t the guild for you.
3. Be able to handle yourself like an adult: If you have an issue with another member, unless their action is completely over the line, you should be able to resolve the situation with the person you took issue with. Officers will not step in to resolve minor interpersonal disputes.
4. Knowledge of your class: Know which spec is best for each fight and how to optimize your own dps. This includes pure DPS classes who can reasonably gear and learn their alternate specs such that they can switch among them based on the encounter (e.g., AoE spec v. ST spec).