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Warlock (All) - AdmiredFob

Postby AdmiredFob » Sun Aug 05, 2018 4:11 pm

1. Character Name and server:

AdmiredFob - Proudmoore

2. Class/Spec you are applying for:

Demonology is what I enjoy playing the most, but I'm flexible to play all 3.

3. Btag so we can get in touch with you:


4. Any off specs you play to a competent level and are adequately geared. (Must be within 1 tier of relevancy):

Refer to question #2.

5. Armory link:

http://us.battle.net/wow/character/prou ... dmiredfob/

6. We raid Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 5pm-8pm ST (8pm-11pm EST) Can you make these times?:

Yes, these times work well for me.

7. Logs of your intended raiding spec. If you transferred servers/name changed this tier, include your earlier ones too:

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... admiredfob

8. Anything you would like for us to know about yourself?:

Hi there! My name is Admiredfob, and Warlocks are my favorite class by a mile. I've played WoW in Classic, WotLK, Cataclysm, and Legion.

I'm a player who loves defeating big time bosses and a heavy advocate of coming to raids prepared with the right materials but more importantly, KNOWLEDGE.
To elaborate, I think coming to raid and "learning as you go" is a bullshit method of learning, and that's what makes me stand out compared to most raiders. My study habits
for raiding is more intense than my study habits for college because being ready can mean less deaths and wipes.

Some clarifications I'd like to make:

I unfortunately don't have any logs for Antorus because I decided to quit when that raid was released (was sad Sargeras wasn't the final boss). However, I'm very confident
in my abilities to perform regardless of my lack of Antorus experience. I find myself to be an efficient Warlock player and calculated in understanding the ins and outs.

Also, you'll notice my armory not wearing a 4 set or the best legendary pieces. This is on PURPOSE because the current tier sets and legendary items alter the rotation,
and in BfA (at least until I obtain Azerite traits), I'll have standard standard rotation. I'd rather be accustomed to the standard rotation and adapt to the small tweaks after.

I also have a friend in the guild; you may know him as Griffgraff. We've raided and played together in Legion. I consider us both very good players, and if you're satisfied
with his performances in raids, then you'll be satisfied with mine. I'd like to think we have a special synergy ;) He told you all recently recruited some Warlocks, but I don't
let that discourage me from applying. I'm not afraid of the competition
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