Blood DK Tank

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Blood DK Tank

Postby Brazcool » Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:57 pm

1. Drbecool- Proudmoore

2. DK/Blood

3. Bracool#1303

4. Not really

5. ... e/Drbecool

6. Yes, for sure

7. Don't really have any logs, sorry.

8. New player, started just in the last 2 weeks of Legion. I don't really have any relevant logs because of this but have been quickly improving and would appreciate a chance to show what I got. I've been able to PUG my way through normal and heroic Uldir and mythic Taloc, but have hit top 10 DK tanks on the server/top 30 tanks in realm without a guild or group in this time frame.
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