Holy Paladin -- Iyob

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Holy Paladin -- Iyob

Postby Iyob » Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:11 pm

1. Character Name and server:
Iyob - Thrall

2. Class/Spec you are applying for:
Holy Paladin

3. Btag so we can get in touch with you:
Iyob#1608 -- Can also talk to me on discord with the same handle

4. Any off specs you play to a competent level and are adequately geared. (Must be within 1 tier of relevancy):
In a raid setting no, but I guess I could learn Ret. Haven't liked dpsing since MoP. In M+ I can do Prot, since it's the easiest way to get into keys.

5. Armory link:

6. We raid Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 5pm-8pm ST (8pm-11pm EST) Can you make these times?:
I wouldn't be apping here if I couldn't

7. Logs of your intended raiding spec. If you transferred servers/name changed this tier, include your earlier ones too:
8.0 Logs -- https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... e=detailed

8.1 Logs -- https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... artition=2

H Daz logs -- https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... fficulty=4

8. Anything you would like for us to know about yourself?:
I just want to kill bosses at the highest difficulty in a timely manner, also want to be Alliance because I miss being a Dworf.
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