Rogue- IamSerenity

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Rogue- IamSerenity

Postby SerenityHunter » Mon May 20, 2019 3:16 pm

Please format your title: Class Spec - Name

1. Character Name and server: Iamserenity , Proudmoore

2. Class/Spec you are applying for: Neither ATM

3. Btag so we can get in touch with you: Theboss#1382

4. Any off specs you play to a competent level and are adequately geared. (Must be within 1 tier of relevancy): all of them and none of them.

5. Armory link: Gonna save you time since im not level 120.

6. We raid Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 5pm-8pm ST (8pm-11pm EST) Can you make these times?: can make all of them

7. Logs of your intended raiding spec. If you transferred servers/name changed this tier, include your earlier ones too: I'm not applying as a raider atm.

8. Anything you would like for us to know about yourself?: I have Recently started playing wow again as my kids are a little older. I have missed BFA and after doing mythic progress from vanilla to end of WOD i decided to break in legion. My wife and me have decided to play wow now that we have lots of downtime when the children are asleep etc. i have played this game since the first day it launched. and I have raided or led the raid in hardcore raiding since MC. I am not looking to join your main raid core. I'm gonna level 1 of everything to 120 and help teach my wife the game. I am applying to be part of a great guild and to be of help if i can be. Should the time come I am ready to raid I will re apply for a spot on your roster. Please consider picking up a semi casual for the potential I can offer once caught up to current content
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